In the Beginning

It’s not the knowledge, it’s not the expertise, or how long you have been at it. It’s the sheer willpower to move past the fear. The fear of failure, the fear of being found out that you don’t have all the answers.
Just being able to move forward in the face of your fears brings you to another level. Starting anything new creates change, and change is scary.
Training in Crossfit is scary, “Constantly Varied” = Change = Scary. It can take people months after they find Crossfit to actually get in to take a class and check it out. It took me almost 6 months. I had all the excuses in the beginning as to why not. “I am not as athletic as I used to be, It’s different, I am already a trainer”.
My first crossfit workout was only 7 mins long and halfway through I got scared. Scared with the realization that there was another level of fitness above and beyond what I already knew. Scared because I wanted it and it was going to be hard. I signed up on the spot.
The workouts were damn hard. and kept getting harder the better I got. The better I got the more I changed. Change no longer was scary. Change became a way of life. No longer was procrastination an option in my life outside crossfit. The time between Thinking of something, an idea, or a change that needed to be made became smaller and smaller. Constant change creates momentum in life.
Crossfit became a source of enlightenment for me.
The hard work leads to the body changing, When you change the body you change the mind, when the mind changes you open up growth for the spirit. The Mind/Body/Spirit All start to work together.
“The way is in training”
This is a translated quote from Musashi’s Treatise on warfare The Book of Five Rings. Hard training leads to an honesty in one’s life. This was never more evident until I looked back over my first year of crossfitting and noticed the changes that took place and was able to trace the changes to crossfit and Martial arts training. Constant hard work and overcoming obstacles the hard honest way lead to a sense of confidence that is powerful and solid.
The “way” leads you to training and the “way” is born from the training. While training, your mind can become clear and focused. Consistent training leads to consistent clear thinking. The “way” becomes clear when all unclear thinking is stripped away during an intense workout. The “way” may be your path in life, a choice that must be made, or simply what to do that day. without “cleaning house” of your mind you are apt to collect clutter and lose sight of that which is important. Hard work sweeps the clutter away. Crossfit is hard work, no doubt about it.
Challenge yourself and be cleared of your clutter. Crossfit was my challenge and it cleared my way for me.


4 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. You spoke clearly and from the heart, with authority. You have changed. I believe you may have stumbled upon your voice. This is the best thing I've seen you produce in some time, and fills me with pride friend.From a monster to a master… a creature to a creator… object to observer… effect of cause to cause of effect.Speak your truth. Author(ity) your life. Be the Way, Lead the Way, the Tao…

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