Changing It Up

Sometimes in business and training you will need to change things up.
I recently found myself in this position in regards to the space I was training my clients in.
The space wasn’t going to be available for much longer. I would need to move.
I had a few choices
1. Go back to outdoor classes
2. Find a new space
3. Stop training

#3 is an option but it wasn’t on my plate at this time.

I choose to find a new space to keep training myself and my athletes.

I was worried about loosing my clients in the beginning. The worrying was stopping me from doing.

When I let my worrying go away and focused on the task at hand a new option appeared.

And people followed.

And new people found me.

This space was great but we simply grew out of it in a few months.

We moved to a bigger space and everyone came with us.

Don’t let worrying about what might be stop you from doing what needs to be done now.

If you don’t fill in the space opportunity creates for you the rest of the world will and you may not like the outcome.


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