An open space creates

Went out for a run and it turned into something else. Sometimes I have no real plan for a workout. At least for personal workouts. Sometimes they are just to vent, or to think, or to feel things out, or it is just plain too nice to sit and do nothing.
Tonight a short run turned into wrestling with a tree. And I have the scrapes and bruises to prove it.

It was going to do one of those New England tropical summer rains tonight so I figured just a short run would do it. Started out on the run, Past the houses and past the basketball tournament on the courts at the end of the street. Over the river and onto the grass. Ahhh soft grass under my feet. Much better than the pavement.
back up over the next bridge. Here I noticed that the rain was not going to come down and I had a huge field in front of me lined with trees. And some concrete structure with a huge iron bar over the top of it.
The iron bar gave me a bit of inspiration. Lateral Burpees. Down onto the hard concrete I went and back up and over the bar. 10 times.
Jumped up on the last one and back into a jog across the field.
Once across the field I was met by a group of trees. Most of the low branches have been sawed off over the years. Probably to keep it pretty and stop people like me from climbing them. I wonder if they cut the branches at the Zoo to keep the monkeys from climbing?
I alas found one low enough for me to jump to but it was thick so I would have to do a different type of pullup by reaching my hands around the sides and pulling the branch to my shoulders. I started the next phase of the workout.
5 left side pull ups
5 push ups
5 right side pull ups
5 push ups
repeat 2 more times

Then I found  another branch I could do regular pull ups that was on the other side of this tree so I did 10 regular pull ups.

Not satisfied here but really feeling it in my arms I started a lower half workout:
24 Lunges
20 Short Rock hops (there are thick horizontal curb stones with 1 foot gaps in between)
12 Rock Broad Jumps (5 foot gap)

The rain started to fall here and I was exhausted so I started the run home.

This work out came from inspiration. From an open space that allowed something to be created out of it.
It was not any less effective because I did not plan it out. It was effective due to the intensity and passion I brought to what I was doing. It wasn’t a chore. It was born from openness.


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